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About Us - Ertebat Sedaye Bartar

About Us

In 1992, we began operating in the field of Hi-Fi and Hi-End audio systems .In 1999, Ertebat Sedaye Bartar Co. was officially established .over the years, due to employing highly trained staff and engineers as well as sales experts, coupled with using superior and reputable brands, Ertebat Co. turned into one of the leading companies in the field of Professional Audio, Video and Lighting systems.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best and the most adequate range of products and services so as to earn their outmost satisfaction.

Panasonic پاناسونیک
Electro Voice الکتروویس
Sennheiser سنهایزر
Televic Conference تلویک کنفرانس
Cordial کوردیال
Dyncord دایناکورد
Zoom زوم
Mipro مایپرو
Neutrik نوتریک
Neumann نویمن
Dynaudio داین آدیو
Professional Technical Team
Provide consult and equipe Professional Audio, Video and Lighting Systems
Panasonic Projectors Guarantee
Official Ertebat Co. Guarantee
Technical Sales Unit

Ertebat Sedaye Bartar | Provide Consult and Equipe Professional Audio, Video and Lighting Systems

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