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ClickShare Seminar - Ertebat Sedaye Bartar

The ClickShare app allows for simple and intuitive content sharing with a click of the virtual Button from any iOS or Android device. This app enables users to easily share, annotate and save pdf, jpeg images or Microsoft Office Docs to the central meeting room screen in the same way as the traditional ClickShare Button. Download the ClickShare app for free from Apple Store or Google Play, click the virtual Button and you are ready to share your content.

Barco’s ClickShare frees everyone to share what’s on their device, on the same display, simultaneously.

And because it’s so simple to use, colleagues, customers and associates can present with confidence straight away. ClickShare lets everyone take a more active part in every meeting, and the more input they share, the better the outcome. And with no set-up or cable to worry about, it saves time too.

These simple sentences motivates Ertebat Co. to hold a seminar to introduce ClickShare On Tuesday, August 29th, 2017.

This seminar was held in cooperation with the technical and sales department of the company, to introduce the mechanism of ClickShare and to answer attendance’s questions regarding this remarkable product.

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