Ertebat Co. is pleased to announce its new partnership with HEDD



HEDD’s innovative studio monitors connect newest analog loudspeaker technology with the requirements of a contemporary, that is, hybrid digital/analog audio workspace. Regardless of its particular design, HEDD believes that a studio monitor should be suited to function as a tool that, marking the last link of the signal chain, can evaluate raw recordings and mixes-in-progress with the same precision that it would bring to already mastered productions.

This combination of unique and expertly chosen components and analog filters as well as HEDD’s longstanding experience in attuning these various components to perfectly complement each other results in a nearly linear frequency response and an outstanding signal fidelity of HEDD’s studio monitors.

Hereby we are happy to announce our new partnership with HEDD, the Germany based company, as an authorized dealer in Iran.

 This collaboration aims to increase the exchange of ideas and expertise between both communities. We would like to thank HEDD for believing in our mission. We look forward to a long partnership that will empower the both sides. … ( download the full document below )

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