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ELECOMP (Intl Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E-commerce) is the most considerable commercial event in Iran’s Market of Electronics and Computer Products and services. Since its first exhibition in 1995, numerous players of this stage in Iran introduce their latest achievements in software and hardware in ELECOMP every year. The event bestows a unique opportunity to the activists of this field to negotiate the possibilities of establishing new business and technological ties and to expand their business market and increase their share of this huge and ever fast growing market. Iran, being potentially among the biggest customers of this market, especially, for its plans for expansion of Electronic Government, is strongly promoting presence of domestic and international companies in this exhibition. 


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Ertebat Sedaye Bartar - End of the Elecomp


Regarding the importance of this exhibition, Ertebat Sedaye Bartar Company, Panasonic’s authorized dealer in Iran plans to participate in 23rd Intl Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & e-commerce in Tehran, which is scheduled to be held from 21-24 July, 2017. In this event we are to exhibit Panasonic’s latest projectors: PT-RZ570, PT-RW730, PT-RZ660, PT-DZ870, PT-JX200, PT-JW130 and New Cameras such as AW-HE2, AW-HE40, AW-UE70, AW-HE130, as well as video mapping solutions and Mirror Head Technology. Multiple projection mapping (also called Video Mapping) on a wedding dress, a restaurant table and shoes was performed. This will be a great opportunity for Ertebat Co. to present and expose potentiality and capability of this company to all the attendance.


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Laser Projectors


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Video Dress Mapping


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Video Mapping Solution part



Elecomp Video


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