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Ertebat, today in Elecomp by having more visitors in field of broadcast and social media training, adv. solution markets and AV Pro. art. Orgs., Great Trade Marketers from Tehran and the other side of the country for Video Mapping solution, Web Site socialists, Adv. activists and Large bridal widespread salon holders with Resturant holders and the filmmakers were visited the Elecomp at the first sight.


 Mr. Ghamari Director of the Booth, while is registering visitors

 IMG 2098


Mirror Head Part - Mr. Nima Eshqi pour from Segal while is handling it

IMG 2065


The widespread prescense of people was so high and that was why the Sir Kashif from Panasonic went to the through of the visitors and challenge with them about the diffrent problems from projectors to space players of the Panasonic which are wanted from visitors to try them, and Kashif gave them solutions about Video Mapping and its usage out of Iran. you can see images of this Q&A part in the 23rd Elecomp. So it is better to name this part as a Startup for Ertebat Sedaye Bartar.


Mr. Kashif through the visitors

IMG 2069


The Team at the end of the Third Day

 IMG 2099

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