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The question is how was the Elecomp2017 for Ertebat. As you know, Ertebat Sedaye Bartar participated with Panasonic's visual and brodcast products in Elecomp2017.


IMG 2142

Ertebat Sedaye Bartar - End of the Elecomp


Products were handheld in the Ertebat booth were in field of Projectors like PT-RZ570PT-RW730, PT-RZ660, PT-DZ870, PT-JX200, PT-JW130 and in field of Cameras, products were AW-HE2, AW-HE40, AW-UE70, AW-HE130 with solutions about Video Mapping and Mirror Head Technology. Ertebat Co. after years in Elecomp, every year is advancing and always is updating its solutions about the technologies of the its brands.


IMG 2123

Laser Projectors


IMG 2125

Video Dress Mapping


IMG 2136

Video Mapping Solution part



Elecomp Video


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